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Banff 2016

Subito prima di partire per la Svizzera, ho partecipato come volontario al Banff Film Festival World Tour – per il secondo anno. In Italia i gruppi di volontari si chiamano ‘Teen’: in tutte le città, sono generalmente giovani studenti delle scuole medie e superiori. A Firenze, però, l’organizzazione si è fidata di Carola del CAI. Eccoci qui, i teen fiorentini: un gruppo di persone tra i 25 e i 60 anni. Qui sotto quello che probabilmente era il miglior filmato in concorso – secondo me.


Yellow dot in a violet tide

I am adding a long awaited photo story of the months of January and February. This is an anticipation of what you can expect to find in the gallery below:

– two pictures from Berlin – these are courtesy of mr. Gionas von Kalben;
– a lot of pictures by/with Thomas. The reason is explained here;
– pictures of a homeless guy sleeping in our house before leaving for Spain;
– pictures of two male parents-for-a-weekend taking care of their energetic child;
– pictures from the stadium Astemio Franchi – relatedly, it has been a glorious week for Fiorentina;
– some ski pictures – it was about time;
– a picture of a new brand of Grappa we are about to launch.

Try line

So this weekend I missed an historical match. The intensity of a rugby game is impossible to describe, and I can only barely imagine Alvise suffering and swearing while watching the Italian pack defending the result on their own try line during the last few minutes of the match.

By the time Italy scored its second try, I was reaching the top of the mountain where I slept last summer with Fabio, Ghennet, Manuel, and Mindo. This time of the year it was a completely different setting.

Backcountry skiing marathon

Yesterday I left home at 9.30AM and I came back at 2AM. It was a lot of fun.


Simple question d’equilibre

The big chill

One week ago I went for a short and very random hike on the Ardennes with Alejandra, Daniel, Mita, and Toni. Thinking back about it now, that experience gives a brand new sense to the second last stanza of Thomas’ poem: Take me like some pilgrim / from the north, stumbling, sloshing / through this blankness, this / nakedness. /I am stripped of / my colour now. I am walking / amongst these frozen poplars as an insider.

Into the mind

The story in one’s face

Three pictures I did not take, but I still really like.