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In 1915, on the 700th anniversary of the Magna Charta, The Economist didn’t miss the irony of press censorship imposed by the British government during the first world war.

economist 1915

London and goodbye

This visit to London was very quick so I decided to focus on two places I did never have the chance to explore before: Regent’s Park and Camden. I must say Regent’s was stunningly beautiful, maybe because the weather was fine enough and it was Saturday so lot of people were around. Camden was pretty cool too, but way too touristy. I went there with the firm intention not to buy anything, then I bought four books and I had a hard time compressing everything in my 10-kg Ryanair bag.

Final two notes from the London: I thought there would have been a lot of positive tension about the Olympics; instead I found only a few advertisements and parties, but nothing too much exciting about it. And the underground, what a disappointment it was: I went out at Swiss Cottage where I always imagined there was a beautiful house in the middle of a big oak forest, but there was a lot of traffic. The same happened at Holland Park, which I imagined full of windmills, and at Morning Town Crescent, which I thought was sort of an idillic place populated by elves, fairies and dwarfs. What I learned was: never trust the Underground in London, it lies.