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This is fine

An occasional update on my murky links with Premier League’s team Aston Villa. I must admit things are not going well on that respect. Last May I lost this bet as the Villans were slaughtered four nil; and I still have to send my dues – one bottle of grappa – to the old moose Thomas. But things got even worse this season, with Aston Villa loosing virtually every single match they played and occupying the rock bottom of the ranking. I had some hope things might improve with the window of transfers in January. But they did not: Aston Villa signed no one. How a team in such deep trouble can do no business whatsoever in a transfer window almost beggars belief.


No team with 13 points or fewer from 24 games has ever avoided relegation. Or, as it has been kindly put by some pundits, the Villans are now staring relegation right between the eyes. Once again, someone on the other shore of the Ocean is making fun of me.

A poem

My friend Thomas wrote this poem. I am sharing it with you.

Spirit is the warmth in our breath
when we, like birds tangled,
fly, tumble in thick air
to grounds of realization

we of that dance, will never
be the same again

(we stare at the moon)

take me to a white forest
where ice hugs the poplar and
everything is cold but my breath
which leads me somewhere.

(but not the sun)

Take me like some pilgrim
from the north, stumbling, sloshing
through this blankness, this
I am stripped of
my colour now. I am walking
amongst these frozen poplars as an insider.

I am beginning to think of us
and how, me being naked and iced
has frozen this time, and frozen this thought
and made clear this fact- that I am here alone.

So lead me breath. Lead me to somewhere I’ve never been.


Just got a message from my friend Thomas. I want to share it with you. I think I will join the team soon.


This is the month of Movember, you’ve seen it everywhere and you’re welcome to join in!

My old man had/beat prostate cancer a few years back and every since i’ve tried doing what little I could, which means growing this fuzz on the upper lip.

I know you can grow better lip sweaters/lady ticklers than I. No pressure to join/commit ever though, but here is the link anyways, just thought of you fine men when I though of making the best damn manstache-team I know.

They guide you through the process pretty well, and people will then just donate via. your personal url after that. These are the links, just click one and find join team.

Cheers cunts.