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Morality and politics

Bettino Craxi is one of the most widely admired Italian politicians of all the times, in spite of the fact that his entire system of government was based on corruption. Benedetto Croce used to say that honesty is not the most important quality when it comes to politicians. I disagree. Honesty and morality are among the most important qualities when it comes to politics. However, for some reasons, the most impressive and inspiring left-wing politicians of the last 30 years are Bill Clinton and JFK in the United States, Francois Mitterand in France and Tony Blair in the United Kingdom. All of these were blatant liars, at least when it came to their private life.

Aside: the only exception I can possibly find is Enrico Berlinguer who was, incidentally, an extraordinarily remarkable and admirable example.


This video was posted on Nomfup a few days ago. There is nothing special about it just now: no anniversary or anything like that. Very simply, it can be useful to have a look at this stuff at a moment when populism against politics and politicians is on the rise. Not all the politicians are desperate to remain in power. Some are; some others did quit the political scene with sobriety and passion.