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Tag: trade unions

Moral suasion

The Catholic Church and the Trade Unions are two institutions apparently very different from each other. But they share a fundamental similarity: they are meant to play an essential role in promoting progressive policies for today’s society. They could, for instance, rise awareness on issues that are often neglected; they could defend the rights and obligations of the poorest; they could defend more sustainable policies; and they could preserve ethic and morality in the public sphere. They could, if only they hadn’t become so inextricably attached to power, wealth, and self-preservation.

Jobless clubs

Support groups for the unemployed are a new form of solidarity, spontaneously created by people who were out of work to combat loneliness and depression. They fill the void created by the virtual disappearance of trade unions and the absence of collective movements. This is a great lessons for Italian and European trade unions, which – I think – are stuck in the political battles of the 1970s and do not realize they are completely loosing touch.