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Challenge #2 accomplished: run

distance: 10 kilometers
time: 43’13”
speed: 14.3 km/h
ranking: #233 out of almost #4000.


In 10′  Mindo and are starting the 10km run in Uccle. The objective is to finish it in less than 50′. Here’s what guided us through our trainings in the month of April.

Challenge #2: run

It is settled. I will run the 10KM d’Uccle, a Belgian race that is going to assemble about 4,000 participants. Last year, the best time was 32 minutes and 37 seconds. I am aiming at finishing in less than 50 minutes neat time. This is going to be my second challenge.

It won’t be a marathon as those that Marco and Valerio did, but maybe a first step in that direction.

The race will be run on May 5th, 2013.