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For now old friend, it’s time to leave

After two years, Thomas left Victoria. Before the final goodbye, he wrote her a romantic letter.

My humble friends

I am about to begin something new in my life and I am pleased to think that many of my friends will be in a similar kind of transition.

Tommaso, Matia, Marco and Leila all won a scholarship and from October will pursue a Phd in London, Pavia, and Trento. On the other shore of the Ocean, Thomas has taken up a radio career at UVic: you can listen to his weekly podcasts here. Andrew just moved to Egypt. You can read his new blog here. Iris graduated and started working, but from what I gathered she’s still in Utrecht.

What about Anna? She is about to come back from Munich. In September she will graduate in Lugano and then she’ll take some time off to think about her best choice for a master’s program. She’ll soon be my guest here in Florence: can you possibly think of any better place to get inspired?


Thanks to Federica for sharing this nice video from UVic, the place where I studied in 2011. By the way, I just got a PhD proposal from there for a place at the Department of Political Science from September this year.