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Tris di montagne

July 13-14.
Canton Neuchâtel and canton Vaud.
Creux du Van with Yvan and Jean-Thomas (this is one year after the omage that Giallu, Jonas, Tosan, Dani and myself first paid to this place).
Depart from Travers (700 m) all the way up (1400 m). Night in the cabane Perrenoud of the C.A.S. Neuchâtel and down to Bevaix.


24-25 August.
Canton Bern.
Arond Murren with Yvan, Jean-Thomas, Pierlu, Yoan, Eliz.
Stechelberg, Gimmelwald, and surroundings.


31 August – 1 September.
Canton Valais.
With Iris, Annique, Maria, Dani.
Teleski from Anzére to Pas-de-Maimbré (2386 m), hike to Sex Rouge (2893 m), Cabane des Audannes (2508 m) where we spend the night and then down to La Grand Bisse d’Ayent and back.

Col du Sanetsch

I read several articles about the Col du Sanetsch. It has a solid reputation as one of the most spectacular bike climbs in Switzerland. It has long been on my bucket-list. Just like in 2018 I had allowed myself the luxury of climbing up the Grosse Scheidegg, in the summer 2019 I decided that the Col du Sanetsch would be my target.

I hopped on the train very early in the morning. I arrived in Martigny at 9. From there I rode to Sion, stopping along the way to eat the apricots directly from the trees. Apricots from Valais are unique.

From Sion I rode up to Savièse; and then up for 25 km and almost 2000 m of altitude. The climb is endless: it took me about three hours to get to the top. I used the day to listen to the first chapters of The Karamazov Brothers, but at some point I had to stop: I was too tired to follow the subtle philosophical nuances of the story. By the time I reach the Col, I was completely worn out. Never in my adult life had I been so tired during a bike ride.

Luckily there is a mountain hut where I could get a huge rösti. Then down to Sion and train back to Neuchatel.