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Bloody wars

I have been taking a few classes on the history of war recently. Armed conflicts are a bloody matter. Of all the things I heard, however, there is one that I would like to bring home – so to say. It is the story of Liechtenstein’s military intervention in the third war of Italian unification.

The principality sent troops into battle in 1866, dispatching an 80-man contingent to assist the Austrians on the border between Italy and Tyrol (my region, in fact). However, the expeditionaries never once saw the enemy and sustained not a single casualty. “In fact,” writes Bill Bryson, “they came back with 81 men, because they had made a friend on the way.” Two years later and with only this one conflict on the records, Liechtenstein dissolved its army and went about its other business.

This is the story of Chris

In June 2013, the New Yorker wrote a 14-page story on Chris Kyle, American sniper, war veteran, national hero, killer, and much more. This is, without any doubt, one of the best journalistic pieces I have ever read. As for all the best stories, there is no definite truth and each of us will remember a different bit of. Take the time you need, sit down, print it out and read it through.

Il Post ha recentemente replicato l’articolo in italiano. E’ una storia che va dritta allo stomaco. Leggetela.